Do you feel the following in your shoulders?

  • our shoulder area feels numb.
  • You feel a tingling sensation.
  • Your shoulder area feels cool to the touch.
  • You constantly feel pain around the area (from the neck, radiating down to the arm).
  • There is a discoloration (bruising).
  • There is a noticeable deformity.
  • There is swelling on the area.
  • You feel weakness on one or both shoulders.
  • Pain is triggered when raising or lowering your arm.
  • There is a clicking or popping sound when you raise your arm.
  • You experience shoulder stiffness.
  • There is pain when reaching behind your back.
  • Loss of mobility or minimized range of motion.
  • Your experience shoulder and arm weakness.
  • You feel your shoulder is unstable as thought they would pop out of joint.
  • You experience muscle spasms.