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Feel Something Wrong With Your Knees? Let A/Professor Dutton Help You Now.

A/Professor Dutton Knee Pain Illustration

Do you feel the following in your knees?

  • Your knees are extremely painful.
  • Your knees have hurt for a long time (e.g. three days), and the pain won’t go away.
  • The pain in your knees keeps coming back.
  • You hear a loud pop and you feel intense pain.
  • The pain gets worse even while you’re resting.
  • Your knee feels tender.
  • There’s a radiating pain in your knee.
  • You can tell whether the pain comes from back or the outside of your knee.
  • You can’t bend or move your knee properly.
  • You can’t straighten your knee.
  • Your knee suddenly buckles.
  • You limp, or have a hard time walking.
  • You have a hard time climbing stairs.
  • Your knee is swollen, bruised or looks deformed.
  • You feel like there’s water inside your knee.
  • Your knee is red or feels hot.

Knee Pain & Treatment FAQs

1. What are the common causes of knee pain?

2. How are knee injuries usually sustained?

3. Does all knee pain require surgery?

4. How can stem cell therapy be used to treat knee injuries?

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