Do you feel the following in your knees?

  • Your knees are extremely painful.
  • Your knees have hurt for a long time (e.g. three days), and the pain won’t go away.
  • The pain in your knees keeps coming back.
  • You hear a loud pop and you feel intense pain.
  • The pain gets worse even while you’re resting.
  • Your knee feels tender.
  • There’s a radiating pain in your knee.
  • You can tell whether the pain comes from back or the outside of your knee.
  • You can’t bend or move your knee properly.
  • You can’t straighten your knee.
  • Your knee suddenly buckles.
  • You limp, or have a hard time walking.
  • You have a hard time climbing stairs.
  • Your knee is swollen, bruised or looks deformed.
  • You feel like there’s water inside your knee.
  • Your knee is red or feels hot.