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A/Professor Andrew Dutton

a/professor andrew dutton faqs on hip labral tears

10 FAQs on Hip Labral Tears

A hip labral tear can be excruciatingly painful, making it nearly impossible to walk. Now, If you’re wondering about that pain in your hip and groin, then you should know this: Hip pain can occur due to a plethora of reasons, including a hip labral tear, which can go undiagnosed for long periods. Among the symptoms are hip and groin pain, instability, and a clicking sound when moving your hip. Find out everything you need to know about hip labral tears, symptoms, and treatments on our new blog now!

a/professor andrew dutton ways to relieve hip socket pain main image

7 Ways to Relieve Hip Socket Pain

Strong, balanced, and pain-free hips are crucial to improving walking or running strides and preventing injuries during motion. However, the hip socket joint can experience inflammation and pain. Chronic hip pain can take a toll on both mental and physical health. The pain, which can radiate to the legs, buttocks, and lower back, impairs one’s movement and ability to perform everyday tasks. To help alleviate pain, we’ve listed ways to relieve hip socket pain.

a/professor andrew quoc dutton hip replacement hip arthroplasty hip arthroscopy main image

Hip Replacement, Hip Arthroplasty, Hip Arthroscopy — What’s the Difference?

By 2030, the total hip replacements conducted annually in the US is forecast to exceed the 600,000 mark owed mostly to an ageing population, according to the National Library of Medicine. The prevalence of hip replacement surgery adds weight to claims that it is among the most common and most accepted joint replacement procedures globally. But how does Hip Replacement differ from Hip Arthroplasty or Hip Arthroscopy, and who is a good candidate for such an operation?